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About the Gilman Shorthorns Herd & Operation

We strive to stay disciplined with breeding decisions within our cow herd. Fertility is a crucial part of profitability in the cow-calf industry. Our cows are expected to breed in a 60-day calving window year after year or they do not stick around. The goal for our cow herd is to maintain a uniform, moderate set of cows that breed back every year and wean a heavy calf. Our cow-calf operation consists of predominantly purebred Shorthorns but also Red Angus & Shorthorn/Red Angus composites. ET is used extensively to propagate our most consistent, profitable & fault free genetics. In 2023 we were awarded 12 performance dams by the American Shorthorn Association, the most of any Shorthorn breeder.

Gilman Shorthorns Bulls

Our Bulls

Bulls are a crucial part of every cattle operation. We maintain a bull battery of around 10 mature herd sires. Stayability, balance, spread, easy calving, large scrotum, fault free feet and an easy-going temperament are a must. Bull calves run with their dams on grass up until they are around 7 months old. After weaning, bull calves are fed a limited fiber-based byproduct mix & free choice grass hay. Bulls we have raised are currently working in the US & Canada as well as semen being used on 4 of our bulls in the most progressive operations in Australia. We rely heavily on the use of Genomics and other Genetic Evaluation tools such as the Right Choice program through Allied Genetic Resources.

Why Gilman Shorthorns? Putting Our Customers & Cows First

Retained Ownership / Feedyard

Marketing fed cattle is still a large part of our operation. We retain ownership of all our steers through harvest. We background them for around 60 days then they are shipped to Kennedy Feedyards here in SW Iowa. All carcass data is collected at harvest at approximately 14-15 months of age through the Tri County Steer Carcass Futurity. The steers are sold on the grid. We pay particular attention to quality grade and yield grade. That is what we are paid for and that is what the packer, and consumer are demanding.

Gilman Shorthorns cattle feeding on hay

Customer Service

One of the most rewarding aspects of the Seedstock industry and the cattle business is customer success & satisfaction. Whether it be selection of your next Herd Sire, a package of commercial replacement females, or bred heifers, we are here to help you. Honesty and Integrity are guaranteed on sight-unseen purchases. We will share the (Positives & Negatives) of every animal as we maintain the philosophy that nothing is perfect. We offer trucking assistance with our bull sale and other services after the sale.

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